Wyrd Sisters Pratchett Terry Corgi book 978-0-552-13460-6

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ISBN 978-0-552-13460-6
Автор Pratchett Terry
Издательство Corgi book
Переплет обл
Год 2013
Стр. 334
ID 904Лаб
Сроки выполнения Заказы, оформленные до среды, на складе в пятницу
ID2 415292
Автор: Терри Пратчетт
Издатель: Corgi Books
ISBN: 978-0-552-13460-6
Witches are not by nature gregarious, and they certainly don't have leaders. Granny Weatherwax was the most highly-regarded of the leaders they didn't have. But even she found that meddling in royal politics was a lot more difficult than certain playwrights would have you believe...