Calming the storm

15,50 бел. руб.
ISBN 978-5-00153-242-2
Автор Штельман О.
Издательство RUGRAM_Интернациональный союз писателей
Переплет Обл
Серия Лондонская премия представляет писателя
Вес, гр 186
Год 2020
Сроки выполнения Уточняем в течение 24 часов после оформления заказа
ID 108РП
ID2 740927
Рип 108РП15,7
This book represents an author's collection. Touching, sad, and faith-filled poetry will help the readers to think deep over eternal, joyful, and beautiful matters. The people who came to God became the prototype characters of the poetry. They live, rejoice, suffer, and still remain human. The rhyme of the verses is correct, well-adjusted, thus reading is not only bringing pleasure, but also makes one think of many things: about life and death, good and evil, the faith and human values.